Cheapest Way To Get Motorcycle License

Cheapest Way To Get Motorcycle License – You will always want to travel around Singapore on your motorcycle. You have always liked to explore the city on two wheels on long-awaited and crowded public transport (bus, subway), especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where social interaction is at the forefront.

If you already have a motorcycle license abroad, congratulations! You only need to register for the first theory test, which takes about 1 hour, and can be transferred to a Singapore 2B license (total cost is about US $60). Some countries offer cheaper and easier ways to get a motorcycle license as it is the main form of transportation there. For example: Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Taiwan. The local government has made it easier for the public to use motorcycles.

Cheapest Way To Get Motorcycle License

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a current motorcycle license, the fast track is still 2.5 to 4 months away. The total cost is about $630.

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If you are 18 years of age or older and in good physical and mental health, all you need to do is get a Class 2B license (up to 200cc).

For a motorcycle license, unlike a car license, you can choose a private driving instructor rather than attending a driving school as it is cheaper; for the same motorcycle your only option is to register yourself at one of the following driving schools. Class 2B license (now offline application accepted):

Try to sign the exam early, before you do anything else. Usually the earliest available is 1 month later. Remember to always bring your cash/NETS card and your registration ID.

To prepare for BTT, you can try a BTT course at a driving school or even try a BTT test to improve your knowledge.

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Otherwise, the easiest way to save time is to go to the App Store or Google play and search for BTT. You will find many free applications that can help you. Reading material takes 2-3 hours and you can keep trying all the questions to remember and study in your spare time.

After passing the BTT at any driving range, you can apply for a PDL online through the Singapore Police Force (SPF) e-service. You need a PDL to start learning to drive on public roads and to use a car with a driving instructor.

Before taking the RTT, you will need to have attended all of the central’s theory sessions (approximately 12 hours in length); you have passed the local internal audit; and you have passed the regional exam. Remember that you will have to take these tutorial courses whether you pass the exam or not.

Also, since you have passed the Basic Theory Test (BTT), you can apply for a Provisional Driving License (PDL), which allows you to learn to drive on driving ranges and public roads under the supervision of a driving school instructor. You can start an active course even before you pass the test. Without a PDL, you can’t take the cycling part of the practical syllabus, or book your road police test.

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The driving school requires you to complete a minimum amount of practical lessons (about 14 hours) before taking the practical test. The course will consist of all obstacle courses on the track (eg boards, slaloms, crank courses, figure 8s, e-brakes, etc.) followed by road riding.

If you pass, you will be issued a temporary license that will allow you to travel around Singapore. You will receive your plastic permit within one week. Congratulations!

Now, it’s time to show off your riding skills with a new driver’s license. Before paying the full price of the bike, why not try renting a bike from, so you can make a better buying decision? We are one of the few scooter rental companies in Singapore that accepts a P license. 😉ComfortDelGro Driving Center will be offering electric motorcycle classes from 8 February 2023. This will be Singapore’s first electric motorcycle training course, aimed at motorcyclists who are considering buying an electric motorcycle and already have a valid Class 2B license.

The three-hour course covers theoretical and practical e-bikes and costs S$50.

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During the course, riders will receive a familiarization session on all the information and how to use electric motorcycles, as well as the required pre-ride inspection and safe riding of electric bikes.

The course will use two types of electric motorcycles: G2 Quantum (Class 2B) and Alrendo TS Bravo (Class 2A).

The G2 Quantum has an electric range of up to 90 kilometers and is offered by Quantum Mobility, a local startup that hopes to start selling electric motorcycles soon.

The pure electric range of the Alrendo TS Bravo is 278 kilometers. It takes about 90 minutes for electric motorcycles to charge from 10% to 80%.

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“ComfortDelGro Driving Center introduced the option of Electric Vehicle (EV) for Class AAA License students in June 2022. Although there is no electric motorcycle license course yet, we have decided to start with an electric motorcycle training course to start paving the way. There are more products like this in the future.” ComfortDelGro Driving Center.

Last June, ComfortDelGro Driving Center added five electric cars to its fleet and plans to increase the fleet to 100 cars by 2030. The center also has 290 solar panels installed on the roof, saving 30% on monthly electricity bills.

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Step 1: Book a class. Go to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) website and find riding classes near you. Well worth the money – I paid $150 for it.

Step 2: Go to class. Read and discuss countersteering, equipment requirements, common crash causes, and safety precautions in class one evening. Materials required to pass the DMV written test.

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Step 3: Go outside. A few days later, you will go to a large parking lot and ride your motorcycle. It will start with the first one, like opening the throttle and releasing the clutch, then reverse and shift. Using a motorcycle that doesn’t belong to you is enough reason to pay a course: you fall off the bike.

Step 4: Pass the shuttle. At the end of the parking lot, the instructor will see you climbing between the cones

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