Civilian Jobs For Military Officers

Civilian Jobs For Military Officers – 6 Best Careers After the Marine Corps: Civilian Career Options for Vets Orion Knowledge Blog | Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Each year, approximately 200,000 military personnel transition out of the service. The transition from military life to civilian life is a very important step. For those recently discharged from the Navy or beginning the transition process, one of the first orders of business is to find a new job.

Civilian Jobs For Military Officers

There may be uncertainty about what job would be best for someone with your military background, and you may be wondering what jobs are available for someone with your Marine Corps experience. Read on to learn more about what to expect when transitioning from the Navy to a civilian career and what careers are best after the Navy.

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A popular choice for retired United States Marine Corps (USMC) officers and senior non-commissioned officers, serving as a Marine Corps Reserve Officer Training Corps (MCJROTC) instructor allows you to continue your USMC service by “passing the torch” to young people. It gives those interested in joining the Marines. MCJROTC instructors teach high school students about military life, history and skills.

To qualify, you must have at least 20 years of active duty service, a confirmed retirement date, and a competitive military record for Chief Marine Officers and Marine Instructors.

One of the most in-demand jobs for USMC veterans is a job in security. These positions are mostly held by private companies for large facilities, such as stadiums, hospitals, hotels and others. USMC veterans are particularly suited to these positions because of the physical demands of the job and their knowledge and experience operating protective equipment and weapons. Armed security officers are required to wear uniforms, which is not controversial to replace soldiers and veterans who are accustomed to wearing uniforms. Additionally, your military experience taught you the importance of following the law, understanding the law, and respecting authority, which are important skills in this industry.

If you are a USMC veteran who served in a medical role, continuing your medical career as a civilian is a good option. Medical service personnel in the Marines can find great and varied career opportunities after leaving the military. In the current health care job market, the demand for workers is desperate, and USMC health workers are in high demand. Your experience working in a high-pressure, hostile work environment will enable you to act directly in a civilian medical environment. Your exposure to many patients and their illnesses gives you the ability to help patients in any medical facility.

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USMC veterans seeking careers in the healthcare industry also make an easier transition than other careers, because of the parameters of the role – medical terminology, procedures, and protocols remain the same. Only the settings vary, from doctors’ offices to rehabilitation centers to nursing homes and more.

Marketing is not a career field that many USMC veterans immediately consider as an option during the transition from military to civilian life. But, the qualities that made you a great military leader are the same ones that make a great sales representative: intelligence, drive, goal orientation, competitive nature, good communication skills, interpersonal skills, to be the best. challenge.

A sales job can be very financially rewarding. Typically, a top executive in sales can earn more than their peers in the operational or management fields. Marketing is a pay-for-performance field. The better you do, the more you earn. Read more about why USMC veterans should consider a career in sales, and learn more about a career in sales with Orion Talent.

The cyber security field and the Marines have many similarities, giving veterans a great way to follow the military. As a USMC veteran, it’s easy to use your military experience and knowledge to find a rewarding career in cybersecurity and IT security.

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From a technical perspective, many USMC veterans have the skills needed to succeed in the industry. Your Marine IT experience, including troubleshooting military computer systems and operations, handling highly sensitive information, and computer programming skills, will set you apart from the crowd. Additionally, your situational awareness, strong work ethic, willingness to train and learn, and understanding of the chain of command for both officers and enlisted personnel of the USMC, will lead to success in this field. USMC veterans can also find a sense of purpose and continuity of service in an IT security career by protecting themselves against cyber attacks.

Although it may not seem like a good fit for transitioning USMC veterans, a career in human resources (HR) is a logical next step for many after serving in the military. Marines are placed in leadership positions from the start of their service and are taught many of the skills required for a human resources career, including trust, listening, record keeping and discipline. A career in HR has a clear impact on the organization, and many USMC veterans find it fascinating, especially after adjusting to post-military life.

The careers listed above are just a small sampling of careers that Marines and Marine Corps veterans can pursue after the military. Orion Talent has been very successful in finding meaningful jobs for Marines after the military, and we invite you to contact us to help you find a civilian job and explore our current opportunities. We have experience placing technicians and USMC enlisted officers, noncommissioned officers and senior military officers.

You can also visit our Transition Resource Guide, a comprehensive tool designed to walk you through the hiring process, provide information on resume writing, interview basics and preparation, and more. If you’re ready to start your citizenship career, register today.

Salute All Who Benefit The Public, But Recognize The Uniqueness Of Military Service

Civil Engineering DEI Recruiters Military Recruiting Conferences Military Junior Officers in the News Interpretation of Military Skills Improve Recruiting Podcast Resources for Recruiters RPO Improved Talent Acquisition was finding hard transition resources on the web for recruiting supply credit veterans to recruit student veterans. With my history. That was ridiculous,” said veteran Mike Lynch. He served 6 years in the Navy.

SAN DIEGO – For some veterans, the transition from military to civilian life is harder than expected. San Diego has the largest population of seniors in the country, but it also has the largest number of unemployed seniors.

New statistics just released by the San Diego Workforce Partnership show that area veterans are 16% more likely to experience unemployment than their non-veteran counterparts.

He served in the army for four years. He was an army captain when he left the army in 2016.

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“I was an officer, so I thought it would be good to be a manager at a certain level because I managed about 150 employees and assets of 70 million dollars,” he said.

“I was a delivery man for Amazon, and I became a part-time security guard trying to pay the bills,” he said.

Fellow veteran Mike Lynch understands the struggle. He spent six years in the Navy as an avionics technician, working on combat helicopters. When he left the army in 2013, he also had a hard time finding a job.

“It was difficult to get a job at McDonald’s with my background,” he said. “Which was ridiculous to me.”

Top Military To Civilian Cover Letter Examples For 2023

“I thought that would help, with my background in the military, but it still became very difficult because now [I need] experience,” Lynch said.

New data from the nonprofit, the San Diego Workforce Partnership–shows San Diego County has the third highest number of veterans of any county in the United States. Still, the area’s veterans are 16 percent more likely to experience unemployment than their non-veteran counterparts.

Research also shows that when many veterans leave the military they lack the skills to build civilian networks and start over.

The nonprofit is working to help veterans find work by combining the Army’s career search tool with the “My Next Move Tool.”

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Explore and share! We have new tools to help #SanDiegoCounty: -Identify careers that match abilities and interests -Find local training programs and live #job postings -Connect with services and resources #MyNextMove pic hIKCgKwFWR — Workforce Collaboration (@sdworkforce) September 1, 2020

Friedman now works for a non-profit organization as a sales force manager. He encourages other seniors to reach out.

Meanwhile, it took Lynch five years to find a full-time job after leaving the military. He admits that at times he was afraid that he would become homeless.

“It’s hard. It just works, it takes time. You have to have some positivity about you,” he said.

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Check out this post on Instagram SD Workforce Partnership (@sdworkforce_) on November 11, 2020 at 11:19 am A post shared by PSTA After spending so much time in the military world—full of unique experiences, specialized vocabulary, and the A series of commands that are foreign. for many civilian careers—it can be difficult to know how to put your years of experience into one place.

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