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A 13-year-old boy admitted to police that he initiated three separate beatings in two countries, Ars Technica reports.

How To Become A Swat Member

The teen, whose name has not been released due to his age, hit a teacher and a classmate in Ventura County, California, according to the county sheriff’s department. He also defeated a rival Minecraft player in Ocean City, New Jersey. Police traced the IP address used for VOIP calls in that incident to the boy’s home in Camarillo, California, where they found identity theft software on a computer.

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“He felt like he had been wronged,” said Det. Gene Martinez of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department in an interview with Ars Technica.

Martinez also discussed one of the other beatings that occurred in Camarillo, the boy’s hometown. The boy called police to say he had 10 hostages in the house and threatened to blow up the house if he didn’t receive $30,000 in cash.

“During the Camarillo incident, there were over 20 police officers,” Martinez said. “I was on that call. We basically surrounded the house.”

All three attacks took place in January. The police released the boy into the custody of his parents. He will appear in juvenile court next month and is expected to be sentenced to probation.

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Another teenage hunter, Brandon Wilson, 19, was arrested in February in connection with a hit-and-run case in which he reported a suspected murder in Naperville, Illinois, in July 2014. Wilson, a resident of Las Vegas, faces up to five years in prison if convicted on all counts.

The phenomenon of “swatting” refers to reporting fictitious crimes to police in order to create an armed response – often with a SWAT team, hence the name – against an unsuspecting victim’s residence or business . In recent years, punch attacks have become a fairly common phenomenon, especially in the video game community. Essential things to know if you want to become a SWAT operator. Essential Things to Know to Become a SWAT Operator Dr. Robin Lohman Updated Thursday, March 23, 2023. Photo by Jeff Geerling via Flickr

Becoming a SWAT operator (or SWAT or tactical team member) requires basic law enforcement skills and experience, as well as specialized skills including tactical thinking, advanced law enforcement skills decision-making, teamwork and extensive training. Although many SWAT operators are former members of the United States military, this is not a requirement.

All SWAT operators are part of a law enforcement agency. The group may be part of a medium or large agency, a county police or sheriff’s department, or a multi-jurisdictional group made up of smaller agencies. Auxiliary members such as snipers are also police officers. Tactical or SWAT medics may also be operators, other law enforcement personnel specifically trained in tactics or paramedics, or paramedics with specialized SWAT or tactical response training.

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To become a SWAT operator, you must first become a certified and licensed law enforcement officer with an agency that has a SWAT or tactical team. In medium and large departments, teams can be fully employed. In smaller agencies or multi-jurisdictional groups, there may be a part-time SWAT or tactical team, with assigned officers performing other day-to-day law enforcement duties (such as patrol officers or detectives) .

To become a police officer, you must enroll in an accredited law enforcement academy and complete approximately 1,000 hours of training. Future police officers are trained in constitutional and state criminal law, juvenile justice, state traffic rules, report writing, communication, de-escalation and combating racial bias, firearms training, defensive tactics training and basic first aid. While at the law enforcement academy, recruits also undergo rigorous physical training to prepare for a career in law enforcement. After successfully completing all components of the law enforcement academy, prospective police officers are eligible to take the Peace Officer Training Certification Test (POST) in their state. Once individuals receive their POST certification, they can report to their state’s law enforcement agencies.

Hiring processes typically last three to six months and often consist of a lengthy application accompanied by an extensive background investigation, physical fitness test, written exam, series of interviews , a psychological evaluation and a polygraph examination. Once an agent is hired, they are licensed by their agency and are empowered to enforce the laws of their state and local jurisdiction.

Once an officer has demonstrated competence in the performance of his duties as a police officer (usually after a period of three to five years), he or she may apply for a SWAT or tactical team. The testing process usually consists of a physical fitness test and interviews.

Police Officer Trainee Information

SWAT operators must be the best of the best and in peak physical condition. Physical fitness standards are set by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), although some agencies may modify physical fitness tests. The fitness assessment may include a one- or two-mile run, sprint, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, drag/mock carry, and a firearms fitness test. The test components are typically performed with full SWAT gear and/or while wearing a weighted vest.

Officers selected for the SWAT or tactical team undergo additional training in a 40-hour basic SWAT school followed by a 32-hour advanced SWAT school. In addition to initial training, SWAT operators must complete at least 120 hours of training per year to ensure proficiency.

Because SWAT operators are exposed to particularly dangerous situations and many traumatic events, they must possess resilient personality traits. Several scientific studies have evaluated the personality traits associated with healthy and stable police officers to determine which personality traits are best suited for careers in law enforcement. Experts found that people with high levels of self-control, positive affect, psychological well-being, independence and empathy had the most successful careers and were less likely to develop a disorder/syndrome post-traumatic stress. SWAT operators must be able to moderate their stress and use positive coping mechanisms to avoid adverse psychological effects associated with repeated and cumulative exposure to trauma and compassion fatigue.

To become a SWAT operator, law enforcement officers must become familiar with state and local laws as well as the Fourth Amendment and related case law, particularly regarding searches and seizures, warrants and surveillance operations. Officers must be able to exercise independent judgment and make informed decisions when operating in high-risk, high-stress environments. SWAT operators must also be master marksmen and score at least 95 percent on firearms proficiency tests.

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A good day at work is when everyone goes home. No one was injured or killed, including the suspect. Ideally, the operation ends as planned, the suspect surrenders without conflict, and all officers involved return home unharmed. The reality is that in most operations, the suspect ends up in custody and no police officer is injured or killed during the mission. However, there has recently been an increase in the number of suspects who resist and flee, resulting in injury or death of police officers and, in some cases, suspects or individuals.

Police officers and SWAT operators must be physically and mentally prepared to take risks and understand that not every day will be good.

SWAT operators don’t handle high-risk operations on a daily basis like they do on television. A typical day for a SWAT operator includes completing daily physical needs, including cardiovascular and resistance training, monitoring a target, reviewing probable cause statements to obtain a warrant, ensuring that information about a target is timely and reliable before executing a search warrant. , plan how, when and where the target will be apprehended to reduce risks and complete the file documents. In other words, a lot of “downtime” and planning is required to ensure that operations are conducted with minimal risk to civilians, agents, and suspects, and to minimize collateral damage.

SWAT operators can spend days or weeks planning an operation. Operations may be halted if the information is no longer valid, if the target is no longer in the area and unlikely to return, or if he or she has been arrested by another agency or on another charge.

Swat Team Member Job Information

SWAT operators must be available to respond to high-risk situations such as an active shooter or barricaded object. In these cases, patrol officers responded and secured the original scene, but the tactical objectives are beyond the scope of their training and available equipment. When a SWAT or tactical team is dispatched to these types of events, they respond with one or more armored vehicles such as a Bearcat, Bear or MRAP, and have additional equipment such as flash guns, grenades OC, tear gas, robots, phones. launchers and listening/watching devices. These types of events are considered high risk because the subject poses an active threat and officers have had little or no time to prepare tactically and best position themselves to make an arrest. Weather conditions and lighting are often less than ideal, putting SWAT and other tactical team members at an operational disadvantage. However, training and experience provide these officers with the knowledge to effectively mitigate almost any situation and succeed.

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