How To Find A Talent Agent

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How To Find A Talent Agent

LOS ANGELES – When Fatima Reidy was 19, she moved from Utah to Los Angeles to pursue acting. She has no attachment or representation – only a dream. About a year after the audition, she was approached by two agents, both white.

Professional Representatives (agent And Manager Relationships)

“They basically told me that they would only sign me if I had my hair permanently flat ironed and if I matched their white customers in my eyes,” she said. “I was like, ‘I’m black, I can’t lose my hair, I can’t lose my curls, I can’t lose my curls.'”

She didn’t want to audition for the sassy black friend trope and was disappointed that they didn’t cast her in lead roles. Later, she realizes that she is the only person of color on their roster.

Hollywood Explained: How to Get a Job as an Agent – A decade ago, Chris Noriega took a leap of faith and followed his dreams in Hollywood. “The Big Lebowski” fan quit his job at a bank in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he was making six figures out of college. He has an MBA and a T

Meet Janice Bryant Howroid, the first African American woman to run a $1 billion business Janice Bryant Howroid, 65, is the founder and chief executive of Act1 Group, which offers consulting and business services, including background checks and screening. . She is the first African American woman to run the company

How To Start An Agency (step By Step Guide)

Hollywood Explained: How to Get a Job as a Casting Director Kim Williams’ college-age nephews recently started watching the ’90s sitcom “Martin” and raved to their dad about it — how funny it was, how great it was. How awesome were the characters and actors. “My brother is standing there.

Caltrans executives opposed the freeway expansion. Ginny Ward-Waller, a California Department of Transportation executive, said she’s been demoted for years. The male boss criticizes her for being too emotional

Biden’s crisis-diplomatic mission to Middle East draws hundreds after Gaza hospital blast WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden traveled to the Middle East on Tuesday in a high-profile effort to ease the Palestinian humanitarian crisis and boost support for Israel. The White House said it would meet with key Arab officials

Pink postpones 2 Washington state concerts citing ‘family medical issues’ LOS ANGELES – Pink will take a break from her Trustfall tour to deal with personal matters, she announced Monday. The “Never Dance Again” singer posted a statement on her Instagram Monday that she Copyright © 2023, Los Angeles Times | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | CA Collection Notice | Do not sell or share my personal information

Actor Agents: The Actor’s Guide To Finding (& Choosing) An Agent

“The Big Lebowski” fan quit his job at a bank in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he was making six figures out of college. He earned an MBA and then went in a different direction than his classmates—at age 31 to a mail-sorting role at the Gersh Agency.

“The thought of going into the mailroom and starting from the bottom was a tough pill to swallow,” said Noriega, now a partner at Verve, an LA-based talent and literary agency. “At the same time, if I went through this transition and went back to school to do something I was really interested in, it wasn’t looking at spreadsheets.”

Although the talent representation business has been challenged during the Covid-19 pandemic, getting a job as an agent is still one of the most coveted positions in Hollywood. We spoke to Noriega and other experts for advice on what you need to know about getting into business.

Join Times reporters Anusha Sakui and Wendy Lee for a virtual webinar on careers with Bree Frank, vice president of physical production for Unscripted TV at Hello Sunshine, and Phillip Sun, president and co-founder of management company M88. entertainment industry. We’ll discuss the state of Hollywood jobs and ask your questions about how entertainers can get their foot in the door.

Essential Guide: Talent Agencies

What’s on your mind? Let us know your interests and top questions about working in Hollywood before August 10th. Share your questions here.

Noriega changed his life by following the traditional path many people take to become a talent agent. It’s a plum job often described as a Hollywood matchmaker, bringing together talent for projects, brokering deals and advocating hard for clients.

Key qualities to be a successful agent include a strong work ethic, refined cultural tastes, passion for your clients – and patience. It may take years before you enter the business and reap the financial rewards.

“We’re looking for people with a great work ethic,” said Noriega, who co-runs Verve’s TV division. “We want people who carry themselves with integrity. People with good taste. But the big thing is we want people who love this profession. People with a clear passion for entertainment. You can teach people how to negotiate deals and how to pick clients. But you need that foundation of work ethic, positive attitude and passion.

South Carolina Agreement By Advertising / Talent Agency To Act As A Nonexclusive Talent Agency For Performer Regarding Dancing Performances And Serving As A Model And/or Hostess At Promotional Events

Wide Shot brings you news, analysis and insight on everything from the streaming wars to production — and what that means for the future.

Like many agents before him, Noriega got his start in the mailroom, printing and binding scripts. He had no connection to the industry and wondered if he was going to the real-life version of the HBO series “Entourage.”

The fast-paced agency life isn’t for everyone. The traditional steps to becoming a talent agent—first a mailroom clerk, then an assistant, coordinator, and finally graduating to an agent—often begin with long hours and low pay.

L.A. Cost of living can be expensive. To make ends meet, Noriega relied on his wife, who worked at a tech company, to support his dreams. Others prefer to live with their parents.

How To Get An Agent

After working in the mailroom for a month or two, Noriega Bayard became Maybank’s assistant, making phone calls, arranging meetings and reading scripts.

He was preparing for a similar atmosphere in “Entourage,” where Ari Gould is screaming and everyone is panicked and on high alert.

Although he says such an agent exists, Noriega is relieved that Maybank doesn’t operate that way. Maybank was down-to-earth, loved to read movies and scripts, and worked with passion, enthusiasm and positivity — not fear and aggression, Noriega said.

“So, ‘Oh, well, this is how you can be an agent,'” said Noriega, who became an agent at Verve in 2013. “You don’t have to look like a freak.”

Land An Agent

Rejection and uncertainty are part of working in Hollywood, but so can fun, creativity, and joy. Here’s how to manage your mental health.

For starters, there are several types

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