Human Resource Management Certification Programs

Human Resource Management Certification Programs – HR certifications have become an increasingly popular way for HR professionals to advance their careers by building and demonstrating up-to-date knowledge of HR best practices. Let’s take a look at 9 HR certifications and help you choose the right HR certification program for you!

More than experience and formal education, HR is an area where it is extremely important to prove how knowledgeable you are to employers. Current, up-to-date knowledge of employment law and HR best practices can be challenging to stay ahead of, but it is essential to stay relevant in the HR world.

Human Resource Management Certification Programs

Human resources certification can support your long-term career success. Studies also show that those who continue their education through certification programs improve their earning potential over the course of their careers—by as much as 44%. If you​​​​​​are starting a new career or venturing into a new specialty as an HR professional, an HR certification can help you get started.

The 2023 Hr & Va Training Certification Program

A study by Payscale also found that certified HR professionals are up to 25% more likely to get a promotion, which bodes well for any upward mobility you’re looking for. What’s more, many employers now require HR certification as a job requirement.

The good news is that there are many ways to earn an HR certification, including the convenience of online HR certification programs. In this article, we have listed HR certifications available to HR professionals around the world.

Are you ready to earn a coveted HR certification? Here is an overview of the best HR certifications to consider.

Please note that this list is based on publicly available information. We have not tried the courses ourselves, except for the certification programs of.

Postgraduate Certificate In Human Resource Management (pgchrm)

Program Overview: is a fully accredited library of online HR certification program courses that provide domain-specific training and certification. With a focus on future-proofing your HR skill set, has put together learning packages for you to complete at your own pace.

Students can enroll in the Academy for the full experience and earn multiple specialized certificates. They can also choose to focus on one area of ​​interest at a time. The 11 HR certificate programs include:

With full access to the Academy, you can also take mini-courses, such as ChatGPT for HR, which give you tools and use cases to increase your effectiveness.

All certificate programs are delivered online through interactive lessons, videos and activities designed to help students meet the challenges of an HR professional career. Learners also get access to a resource library of useful HR templates. Instructors are top HR professionals who share real world knowledge.

Certificate Program In Human Resource Management

Each HR certificate program takes between 22 and 36 hours to complete. The classes are self-paced and students have up to 12 months of enrollment to complete each course.

Program Cost: Individual courses for HR certification are $975, or students can enroll in the Academy for $1,675 to get 12-month access to all certification programs and the benefit of longer completion time. Payment in installments is also possible. 2. Professional in Human Resources (PHR) from the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI)

Program Overview: The HR Certification Institute is a well-known continuing education resource for HR professionals. Their most sought after certification is Professional in Human Resources (PHR). With certification levels in the senior and global areas of human resources careers, it is possible to begin your journey and earn advanced certification as you gain on-the-job experience and increased levels of responsibility.

Candidates can apply for associate level certification (aPHR) and then progress to PHR, Senior PHR and Global PHR. There is also an internet version of this certificate, complete with a digital badge with the exams proctored by Pearson. Most students study for six to nine months before taking exams.

What Degree Do You Need For Human Resources Careers?

Who’s it for: HR professionals just starting out with limited experience to senior and global HR leaders.

Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must meet one of the following requirements: have at least one year of human resources experience and a master’s degree, two years of human resources experience and a bachelor’s degree, or four years of experience in a professional position in the field of human resources sources. They must be participating in an HRCI-approved course of study and will be accepted on application.

Program Costs: HRCI partners with hundreds of approved certification preparation providers, including. Programs and costs vary widely by provider, and there is a non-refundable application fee of $100, and the cost of the exam varies by level. The PHR exam fee is $395, while the GPHR exam fee is $595. 3. SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)

Program Overview: The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) offers a competency-based HR certification program. It is based on the core knowledge of the SHRM Body of Competency & Knowledge™ (SHRM BoCK) that supports the career goals of HR professionals to achieve their personal best in HR. The course and exams focus on leadership success as well as organizational strategy.

Human Resource Management Certificate: Curriculum

In addition to offering areas of specialty, SHRM focuses on the human resources department, immigration laws, workplace research, talent acquisition, inclusive culture and people analytics. California HR professionals can also find certification specific to their region. Most students study for six months before taking the exam.

Who it’s for: This program is suitable for HR professionals as it covers all aspects of HR work.

Eligibility Requirements: The SHRM certification program has a complex set of eligibility criteria for those who wish to pursue it. Check them against your HR experience.

Program Fees: Exam fees vary by certificate type and candidate status, with discounts for students and SHRM members.

Cim Executive Director On Linkedin: Enroll In A 4 Month Modular Course On Human Resource Management…

Program Overview: The Human Capital Institute is known for being at the center of aligning human capital with business strategy, typically focused on HR leaders and their business impact.

HCI offers access to Strategic HR Leadership (SHRL) and several other competency-based HR certification programs. Participant materials, manuals, practice tests and mentor support are available through HCI Academy. Students can participate in two-day programs or virtual series with half-day sessions for up to four weeks. Students must pass the online exam to obtain certification.

Who it’s for: The SHRL certification is suitable for those who are new to HR leadership roles and the challenges they face. Their site indicates that anyone who leads a team, wants to be a leader of people or improve the performance of their team should participate.

Eligibility Requirements: There are no prerequisites for this training. However, to earn the certificate, students must attend all sessions, participate in group discussions, complete all class work, submit an assessment and pass the final exam.

University Of Illinois Labor & Employment Relations Online Hr Certificate Program

Program Cost: The SHRL online certificate program costs $1,195. 5. Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) by HRPA

Program Overview: The Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) offers the exclusive Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) credentials. They also offer two additional advanced certifications, including the Certified Human Resources Manager (CHRL) and the Certified Human Resources Executive (CHRE).

Students must complete a series of nine HR-related subject areas by taking college courses through a network of colleges and universities across Canada that are reviewed for approval, then take challenging exams. There is also an employee readiness program to support those who wish to pursue a career in HR.

Who it’s for: The CHRP is suitable for those who are already pursuing human resources training or have received a degree. References are for HRPA members in good standing only.

Human Resource Management Certificate Program

Eligibility Requirements: The HRPA has some unique requirements to qualify for CHRP certification. You must become a member and participate in their course and exam schedule.

Program Fees: Program fees may vary. To be eligible, you must become a member of HRPA, and membership fees depend on your status, what month you are a member and whether you live in Canada or outside of Canada. Courses and exams also have their own fees. 6. Talent Management Practitioner of the Talent Management Institute

Program Overview: The Talent Management Practitioner Certification offered by the Talent Management Institute is aimed at those who want to start a career in talent management. A specialization that is one of the fastest growing areas of human resources today, with high profit potential. The program consists of TMP

A resource box with all the books and other study materials needed for the exam, which is offered online.

Important Notice: Hrm Short Course

Who’s it for: TMI’s online certification is designed for those graduating from a college or university with a focus on human resources and talent management.

Eligibility Requirements: The program requires applicants to meet certain education and work experience requirements, and they use a special tool to validate applicants before approving them for the program.

Program Cost: $625 all-inclusive, plus tax. 7. Association for Talent Development (ATD) Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD)

Program Overview: Known for leading training in professional development fields, the Association for Talent Development (ATD) also offers a comprehensive certification – Certified Talent Development Professional (CPLP). It covers a variety of topics related to talent development across multiple skill sets and abilities.

What Is Human Resource Management?

The program can be accessed in person, online, or through weekend workshops, or students can self-study using ATD resources. The exam is rigorous and students are advised to prepare well; reporting a lot

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