Is NY Town Fc’s Live at Yankee Stadium Truly an Insult to Soccer?

brooklyn, bronx, queens and staten, from the battery to the pinnacle of manhattan, ny city fc has lengthy searched for a permanent home in the five boroughs, but has to this point struggled to make it manifest.

considering joining principal league soccer in 2015, nyc fc has performed the majority of its domestic video games in the bronx-based totally yankee stadium, home to predominant league baseball’s yankees whose proprietors, yankee worldwide businesses, even have a 20% stake within the soccer club. it changed into purported to be a temporary degree even as nyc fc worked on finding a site for a permanent, soccer-specific home, but eight seasons later the club is still there, playing on a baseball field.

and it’s still visible as a stopgap. the hunt continues for a domain to develop a new facility, however there have been roadblocks at each turn. many see the scenario as a humiliation for the club, and indeed, mls. however many nyc fc fans absolutely revel in elements of the american stadium revel in, especially the supporters’ sections.

the mother or father spoke to a number of nyc fc fanatics, on line and in character, who’re keen on yankee stadium. for plenty, it’s surely simpler to get to than different venues in which the team has played – yankee stadium can be reached on a number of subway lines and is close to the metro north line for fans getting into the city. and the reality that the crew has now been within the location for a number of years, manner lots of its maximum dependable fanatics stay close by (the bronx also has the highest share of hispanic people among new york’s five boroughs, a demographic with a sturdy football following). transferring to another venue could imply a longer journey for many of the club’s fanatics.

citi area, the queens-based home of the the big apple mets, has been a secondary home venue for nyc fc in latest years. many enjoy watching video games there, however folks that are a part of a supporters’ organization have a tendency to choose yankee stadium because the bleachers make for an ideal region to congregate at the back of the goal.

“yankee stadium looks a lot worse on television than in person, in my opinion, and i really like my seats there in segment 135 underneath the supporters’ segment,” says brooklyn-primarily based nyc fc fan björn bellenbaum. “i take my kids to the games, they’re young adults now but for the primary few years standing room/fashionable admission wasn’t clearly an option. but we do get into it so we adore to be near the supporters’ section, so that location of seats underneath the bleachers is ideal and obviously wouldn’t exist in that manner in a football stadium.”

for those lovers who watch on television, the principle digital camera perspective at yankee stadium is regularly criticised for being too low and some distance away. but it nevertheless indicates a clear view of the action, it’s just special to the slightly greater top-down fashion common at other stadiums. there’s additionally a tactical cam view from behind one of the dreams this is specific and useful (as a minimum for the ones interested in that sort of factor).

there have been other court cases that the location furthest faraway from the soccer discipline, in the back of domestic plate and not distinctive to the television angle (and by the way where the press box is located), is likewise too a ways away from the action. but watch a sport from this vantage factor in person and it’s a higher view than that during some different well-known stadiums around the sector, some of which have a running tune between the stands and the pitch, or maybe obstructed perspectives.

then there may be the difficulty of the small pitch dimensions, but this can also be a positive if gamers have the approach to polish in tight spaces, and it’s doubtlessly perfect for slender protecting systems and counter-pressing. nyc fc don’t lose too many video games at yankee stadium – perhaps due to the fact away teams are unused to gambling in this sort of constricted environment. the only away crew to win there this season is philadelphia union, who specialize in slim protection and excessive pressing. except, latest effects propose nyc fc players can’t hate gambling at yankee stadium too much: they’re, in the end, the reigning mls champions.

a number of the criticisms from folks that aren’t nyc fc fanatics can feel like a case of first-international problems. yankee stadium doesn’t fit the perception of what a football-looking enjoy generally seems like, so it’s criticised. unorthodox doesn’t imply horrific. a number of the fine stadiums and the first-rate atmospheres in global soccer may have an element of discomfort or awkwardness about them, however this is often what offers those wearing theatres a unique person.

perhaps there’s also a lesson here for while the membership eventually constructs its own stadium. it would be tempting to go together with some thing like pink bull arena – the house of recent york’s different mls side, the brand new jersey-based totally crimson bulls, that’s an excellent if fairly frequent football-precise stadium. or they could keep baseball-style bleachers for status areas, the grand scoreboards, the americana, whilst additionally incorporating the big apple’s cosmopolitan person into the venue.

all of this doesn’t suggest nyc fc supporters must settle for the current situation. assisting a club can often be about sticking with a group thru the hard intervals whilst simultaneously combating for something higher. however as soon as a brand new domestic is determined and a brand new facility constructed, enthusiasts ought to look lower back on the american stadium era as an “i was there” moment that wasn’t definitely so horrific. a few may additionally even pass over it.

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