Medical Laboratory Technologist Schools In Ontario

Medical Laboratory Technologist Schools In Ontario – Work as a Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician and assist your clients with health and science; start your education at Oxford College

If you are detail-oriented, have good manual dexterity and strong communication skills, you may have the right personality to enter the high-demand Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician career field.

Medical Laboratory Technologist Schools In Ontario

As a Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician, you will be a member of a laboratory that provides diagnostic services. You will collect and evaluate body tissue samples and perform various diagnostic tests on them using chemical analysis, microscopic examination or other techniques. Installing, operating and maintaining laboratory equipment will be part of your role, as well as making quality control assessments.

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If you want to start a rewarding new career, but you can’t put your whole life on the line of desperation to pursue it, you’ve come to the right place. At Oxford College we offer flexible study programmes, including morning, afternoon, evening and weekend sessions. We also offer flexible learning options (online, hybrid and in-person) for many of our programs.

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The best way to find out if Oxford College is right for you is to come in and visit the school. You can visit our centers and meet both students and teachers. Schedule a visit now or get more information.

*** Accessed February 18, 2022 Salary resource for Medical Laboratory Assistants in Ontario top 10% $37,856 less than the top 10% earners. workers earn $87,318.

Medical Laboratory Technician/assistant Program

Oxford University’s Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician program prepares you to become integral members of a healthcare team and work with other healthcare professionals. The program provides the technical skills and knowledge needed to be successful in their careers.

As a Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician, you will learn about laboratory safety, medical terminology, infection prevention, and more. In addition to learning a variety of technical skills, you will develop the interpersonal and communication skills needed to provide outstanding customer care in a compassionate and empathetic manner.

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Upon successful completion of the program, you will be eligible to obtain the Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician Exam with the Medical Laboratory Professionals Association of Ontario (MLPAO). Earning this certification demonstrates that you meet the high professional standards set forth by the MLPAO and makes you more employable. For more information on the MLPAO experience, please click here.

The term “state of the art” gets thrown around a lot, but we really mean it! Our state-of-the-art facilities are truly clinical grade. Here you will train on laboratory equipment, the same technology you will encounter when you enter the field. Learning about this machine in a professional environment gives you the first-hand experience and confidence you need when you develop into a real workplace lab.

Oxford College’s medical laboratory assistant/technician program is accredited by the Medical Laboratory Professionals Association of Ontario (MLPAO). Employers seek program approval. This means that the Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician program is recognized by a governing body that sets best practices for that industry. After graduation, you can seek employment as a Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician after demonstrating that your skills meet the MLPAO-certified skill level that employers are looking for.

I like that we have small classes and we can get to know each other. I also enjoy the personal interaction with the office staff. Desislava, Senior Medical Laboratory Technician

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Graduates are employed in medical laboratories in hospitals, clinics, research institutions, post-secondary educational institutions, and government research laboratories.

After your training, we won’t leave you hanging. Career Services is here to help you throughout your career training journey and beyond. From organizing placements with reputable companies to helping you with your CV, cover letter and interview tips, you’ll be sure you’re putting your best foot forward when it comes time to break into the profession. In addition, you can access our services after graduation if you need help in your job search. Because when you become a student at Oxford College, you join the Oxford family for life!

Many people need extra financial help to go to school. At Oxford, we believe that finance should not be a barrier to anyone seeking higher education. That’s why we have several funding programs in place, including OSAP, Second Career and private student loans, to name a few. We will also work with you to set up manageable monthly payment plans for you. Sit down with a financial aid counselor, and they’ll help assess your situation and create a financial plan that works for you.

If you would like to learn more about Medical Laboratory Assistant / Technician Jobs and investigate whether this is the right career for you, fill out the form on this page to receive more information. Prepare to be eligible to write the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) national certification exam.

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Modern health care is increasingly dependent on complex laboratory tests – the results of which help in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of disease. You will acquire basic knowledge and skills in biological, physical and health sciences. Special medical laboratory science courses cover five laboratory disciplines: biochemistry, hematology, histotechnology, microbiology and transplantation science.

This program is accredited by Accreditation Canada. Upon successful completion, you are eligible to write the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science national certification exam and then work in all Canadian provinces and territories.

In my final year of the Medical Laboratory program, I participated in the internship program. I did my placement at Peterborough Regional Health Center for six months from September to March. In my opinion, this important practical element drove all my learning. The best ending to my internship and degree program is that I am now employed by the hospital I am attending, and will begin work as soon as I pass the Canadian Association of Medical Laboratory Science registration exam! Michaela Janes Bachelor of Health Science (Hons) in Medical Laboratory Science, Class of 2021 Registered Medical Laboratory Scientist, Peterborough Regional Health Center

Current Ontario secondary students must complete the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with six 4U or 4M credits, including English (ENG4U) with a minimum grade of 60.

Medical Laboratory Assistant Program

Average is required in early math and science courses. Due to the structure of the program, students who are eligible for transfer credit will still take four years to complete the program.

Note: Banning is competitive. The average or specific grade required for admission varies from year to year. Students are selected based on a variety of criteria, including school grades, classification of courses taken and performance in subjects related to the academic program. Having minimum requirements is not acceptable. Preference will be given to applicants with the best qualifications.

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From the first year, students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and gain practical experience in simulation laboratories. As theoretical knowledge expands, so does empirical knowledge. In the fourth year, students will be placed in a diagnostic medical laboratory for the last two practical semesters where they will work under the supervision of a medical laboratory technologist and perform more complex procedures on human samples. Clinical placements give students hands-on practice, experience in different work environments and the opportunity to network with potential employers.

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Immerse yourself in all the major areas of chemistry: physical, analytical, organic, inorganic and chemical biology and gain important problem-solving skills to prepare you for advanced degrees.

If you live to help others and take an interdisciplinary approach to health care or clinical practice, a career in the health sciences may be for you.

Prepare for a career in healthcare, sports, rehabilitation, education and more! You will be eligible for examinations to qualify for registration as a Registered Kinesiologist.

Together with Durham College, our combined team of professors and specialists are well qualified to deliver a comprehensive program in our high-tech nursing laboratories.

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Focuses on techniques that facilitate the entry of a drug candidate into the market, the process of chemical design and evaluation of future drugs within the pharmaceutical industry. A Medical Laboratory Technician evaluates blood cell types and disease-causing microorganisms, provides chemical analysis of blood and body fluids, processes tissue samples for microscopic evaluation, and determines blood compatibility for transfusion.

This program will appeal to students with a love and knowledge of science and an inquisitive nature. They must have good manual dexterity and must be able to work accurately and quickly under pressure to make decisions

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